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『Still, you are only the hero-』

However, as usual he raises my motivation, and inflates my fighting spirit!

“B-Be quiet! It’s annoying! Let’s do this!”

『Hmm... He seems smarter than his father... are the simpler parts still the same... But, that is the first step.』


However, no matter how much your fighting spirit, it is impossible to overturn it as well. You can’t overturn reality!

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“Imperial Fluid Art, 【Rapid Flying Swallow Fist】(Hyaren Hienken)!”

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I start off and got in with a series of left fists.

The high speed lefts which goes out at irregular trajectories to disrupt the opponent...

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While glancing at all my movements, he quickly evaded my fists. Without moving one step away from the spot, on the contrary, he only moved his upper body to avoid them.

But I can’t be surprised at that now.

After making sure he was fully concentrating on the left fist –

“Take this!”

Right low kick! Enters —

“Eh!? ...... Ah... Wha?”

『Is that it? Are you even trying?』

The moment I tried to kick out, something blocked my vision.