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The slash that was intentionally slowed down when slipping out of the scabbard, and cut the bamboo considerably slower than before.

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「-0.1seconds. This being your slower… you’re a terrifying swordsman.」

The best record ever so far, the classmates who watched from behind, got excited.

「As expected, Allen!」

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「You’re so far forward…」

For some reason, Ria was puffing her chest, while Rose-san seemed a little dispirited.

「Fumu, let’s keep Allen’s record as a temporary record. Originally, he should have cut it in less than 0.1seconds.」

Then, everyone took the test one by one, but in the end I didn’t see anyone that beat my temporary record of 0.1 seconds.

After that, the『Ten Slash』, a test to compete for how quickly it was possible to cut all of the ten dummies in a vertical line.

As a result of using First Sword – Flying Shadow, I set an academy record of 2.0seconds.

Next,『Consecutive Slash』 is a test that uses a human body model to compete for how quickly the slashes hits the four most weak points of human beings – the chin, heart, liver, and solar plexus.