How to make money in Qian Niu online mall

How to make money in Qian Niu online mall

“Oh, that has ――――――”

It had nothing to do with me, and I knew that… I tried to say it, but the words failed me.

Because…… somehow, thanks to the needless speech…. I remembered…. those words.

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――Earth is… small, but…… after all…… so great, so amazing…

It would ruin the words that were said at that time.

“…Heh…such a thing! It’s okay. I won’t say that…. Mr. Aka.”

In that situation, I wouldn’t be able to face Mr. Aka.

That’s why I swallowed the words that came to me.

“I can’t… apologize for your past… and even though I was born in the Imperial City and grew up in the Imperial City… still, I don’t have the power to do anything about the adults who built the Empire today… but…… at least…”

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The clothes are bloody, okay? Even if I take them off.

I took off my shirt and pulled out my trouser pockets to show that there’s nothing in it.

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“At least I… I’ll fight without traps, weapons, magic, let alone someone else’s help. I’ll take your rampage and anxiety in a fair and forceful manner, Mantis!”