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As much as I would like to deny that it wasn’t the case, she wasn’t wrong. If you didn’t use your cell phone much, you might simply forget to charge it.

“Don’t you need to pay more attention to our classmates? It’ll be really troublesome later if they hastily form groups now.”

“I’ve already instructed them on what they should do. I summed it up in an easy to understand way and sent it to everyone. But you probably didn’t notice it, since your battery was dead.”

While Horikita said that, she turned her cell phone screen towards me.

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-Please don’t form a group before Class D reaches an agreement.

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-Nevertheless, if you absolutely want to decide on your group as early as possible, please contact Horikita.

It seemed like Horikita had anticipated this situation, and set up some minimum regulations.

“This is not enforceable in any way, because this matter ultimately depends on one’s personal judgement.”

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Whom to group up with or not to, was indeed a matter of personal choice. You couldn’t form a group with people who didn’t mesh with your personality, which would directly affect your chances of being expelled. Even if all four classes worked together, there was no ideal combination of groups where no one would get expelled.

Due to that, she could only make some suggestions.

I always carried my phone charger with me, so I plugged it in and left my seat, since there might be some students in the classroom eavesdropping on our conversation.

“Has there been any communication from Ichinose? It wouldn’t be strange if she proposed a plan for the whole year to help each other.”

“There doesn’t seem to be any contact from her yet. Neither Class A nor Class B have made any proposals. If all the 2nd years had the desire to come together, then there probably should be some communication at this stage.”

If people teamed up without permission based on their own preferences, cooperation would become more and more difficult. If there were no plans for a peaceful discussion from the beginning, it would end up with all the 2nd years fighting each other. If Horikita wanted to establish a cooperative relationship between the classes, she’d have to take preemptive action from the start.