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As if he already lost interest in the three boys, Sudou-kun turned around and started walking away.

That instant, my heart rate shot up. Well, it’s natural. Sudou-kun started walking in the direction of my hiding spot, after all. My routes off the rooftop are limited. The theory is to go down the staircase that I used to get up here. Losing the right timing to escape, my body isn’t able to move as I want it to. When someone gets into an accident, I heard that their body tenses up and feels paralyzed, and that was the exact situation I was in right now.

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“That was pointless. Making me tired after practice, give me a break.”

The distance shortened. He was only a few meters away.

“…The one that’ll regret this later is you, Sudou.”

One of the boys called out to Sudou in a strained voice.

My paralysis slowly faded away, as if a curse was being lifted.

“There’s nothing as shameful as the whining of a loser. No matter how many times you try, you won’t win against me.”

He clearly wasn’t bluffing; it was obvious that he had the confidence to back it up. After all, Sudou-kun was able to come out unscathed from a fight where he was at an overwhelming disadvantage.

Tomorrow was the first day of July; it was starting to look like summer.

Still not moving from my hiding spot, sweat started forming on the back of my neck.

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Without panicking, I decided to leave from my spot quietly.

I just have to avoid being seen and getting involved in the situation.

If I get involved, only a dark future awaits my calm and tranquil school life.

Carefully but quickly, I moved away and left the place behind me.

“Is someone there…?”

Unconsciously wanting to escape, the air slightly changed. Feeling the change in atmosphere, Sudou peered into the location where I was hiding just moments ago. However, I was able to escape by a hair’s breadth.

If I was late by one or two seconds, he would’ve probably seen my retreating figure.

The morning was always lively in class D. It was because most of the students were far from being serious.