Cecilia Cheung Money online

Cecilia Cheung Money online

Hehe, he would think about it when the time came!

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Pei Qian even noticed that Ming Yun Villas had appreciated! It used to be worth six million yuan, but it was now worth eight million yuan.

Obviously, this was because Ming Yun Private Kitchen had raised the prices of the surrounding villas. That was why the villa which housed Ming Yun Private Kitchen itself appreciated.

The good thing was that the system only included 10%!o(MISSING)f the price of the Fixed Assets in its calculation of the System Funds. That was why the System Funds only increased by two hundred thousand yuan although the villa appreciated by two million yuan. Naturally, Pei Qian could handle this additional load.

No matter what, it had been worth it for Pei Qian to drink poison in order to quench his thirst!

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Finally, he could heave a sigh of relief.

The system screen continued to flash in his vision. <This Week’s Special Task: Making profits and incurring losses are all part and parcel of business. The owner seems to be caught up with the profit he is making. This is not the attitude a talented businessman should have. The System advises the owner to achieve a loss before the next settlement date. (Complete]>

<Special Task Completion Reward: A mysterious surprise within the System’s regulations. [Redeemable]>

“It’s here! My special reward!

Pei Qian was quite excited. After all, he had worked extremely hard during this cycle. He organized Digital Day and spent as much money as he could—not only because he wanted to incur losses and get more Personal Wealth, but also because he wanted to obtain this special reward.

<Obtained System’s Reward: Adjustment of the System’s regulations—charity.> <An outstanding businessman should be passionate in serving the public, do charity from time to time, and give back to society.>

<Each outstanding businessman should have the right view of wealth: huge responsibilities come with owning so much wealth. This money does not belong to him but was merely entrusted to him to be managed on behalf of society.>

<The System’s restriction against organizing charitable events has been removed. From the next cycle onwards, the owner can engage in limited charitable events. During each cycle, charitable events can expend up to fifty percent of the starting sum in the System Funds.>

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<This reward will be effective once the system has been upgraded.>


Pei Qian became confused after reading all these messages.

Initially, he had thought that the special reward would be something simple like a ‘bad luck spray’, which could cause him to have bad luck with a single spurt. He imagined lying down in his bed during the next cycle while losing money rapidly and receiving good news from everywhere.

Yet, that was not the case.

The special reward that Pei Qian had been pining for was not a physical object. Instead, it was a simple adjustment made by the System to its own regulations.