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And myself being the only missing person means – Ria is safe.

Currently, there is no big problem.

(However, I’m missing…? What the hell does this mean !?)

At that moment, a violent『storm of information』swept up from the depths of my brain.

「I’ve… remembered!」

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I got it…….

That day, I fought against the Black Organization. I tore the solid barrier with World Judgement and defeated Dodriel. And then, I challenged one of the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle – Fu Rudras – and lost. After that, I was stabbed through the heart by Dodriel, who recovered by consuming a spirit pill… Eh?

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At that time, his sword certainly pierced my heart.


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I flipped up my clothes in a hurry and checked my chest – there was no scar or the like there.

(…What even?)

There was a big gap between memory and reality.

(Maybe it was a dream that I was stabbed…?)

No, it’s not!

I clearly remember the terrible burning pain of my chest being pierced.

I don’t think it’s a dream at all.