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Those steps were not mandatory. Visitors could go in, do nothing, and then come back out. However, to get the admission ticket to Ultimate Horror, they had to follow the mission instructions and complete Haunted House Nightmare.

The more Qiao Liang read, the more afraid he became.

It was not because it was difficult to remember. In fact, although there were different items, they were all connected and ordered. He was sure that he would be able to recall the instructions easily once he saw the scene and the props.

Instead, he was mainly afraid because he did not think he would be able to follow through the steps!

He imagined holding a red candle in a pitch-black bathroom and then blindfolding himself in front of the mirror...

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That was no less scary than traditional haunted houses!

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He turned to look at the others. Obviously, the bravado that they had all felt earlier had all dissipated by now. Ruan Guangjian, in particular, was already trembling.

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Seeing Ruan Guangjian panicking more than him, Qiao Liang settled down a bit more. He felt like a bad student getting ready for an examination. Seeing worse students than himself made him feel more secure.

There was no time limit for memorization. They were allowed to remain in the resting area and memorize the instructions for a long time. Then, they could queue to enter any small project once they were ready.

Qiao Liang felt like a student again. Specifically, he felt like he had been forced by his teacher to memorize ancient poems and like he would have to be tested on it in an hour.

However, the content that he had to memorize now was much more exciting.

From time to time, people would enter the containers to be challenged. However, whether they screamed or not, they would always come out looking like death.

Seven or eight people had gone in already, but not one of them had successfully cleared the project. What’s more, from the look on their faces, Qiao Liang guessed that they would not try again.

Thus, more and more people from the resting area changed their minds. The harder they tried to memorize the instructions, the more terrified they felt. In the end, they decided to give up without making a single attempt.

Seeing fewer and fewer people in the resting area made Qiao Liang feel like darkness was engulfing him. However, just as he was feeling uncertain and considering backing out, Ruan Guangjian stood up. Like a ray of light, he cut through the dark clouds above Qiao Liang’s head!

Qiao Liang was stunned. “Brother Ruan, you...”

Once again, Ruan Guangjian looked like he was facing death with equanimity. “If I don’t enter hell, who would? Everyone, I’ll go in first and find out more about our enemy!”

Everyone was elated, and Qiao Liang was even more so.

They had just been worrying about who would go in first!