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How to make money on the Internet Dunshi777

Li Shi’s voice sounded through the phone. “Boss Pei, it’s nothing much. I have a friend who wants to meet you to talk about something. I wonder if you have the time.

“I think you’ve heard of this friend of mine before. You might even have met him. He’s Wang Peng, one of the creators of Quanmin Reviews.

“Wang Peng, Xue Zhebin, and I are partners. We started Ming House together. Do you remember?”

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Pei Qian’s eyes widened. He did remember. He remembered him very well. That name is still in my little notebook! Although he was pretty low on the list, Pei Qian could never forget about him.

Back then, Wang Peng and Xue Zhebin had a meal at Ming Yun Private Kitchen and then marked it out on Quanmin Reviews’ application. They had written a long review and instructed their programmer to leave the name of the restaurant blank.

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That was how Ming Yun Private Kitchen’s losses turned to profits. Pei Qian’s hatred for him ran deep! How dare he come and see me?

Pei Qian wanted to turn down the invitation by saying that he was overwhelmed with work. However, on further thought, he decided that it would be best to meet him.

What if this man secretly plots against me? If I don’t meet him, I would remain in the dark, wouldn’t I?

Pei Qian pondered for a moment. “I have time right now and tomorrow. I’ll leave it up to Boss Wang.”

Li Shi was overjoyed. “That’s great! Shall we meet at Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s Handong University branch in an hour?”

Pei Qian: “Alright, but... what is this about?”

Li Shi laughed. “Boss Pei, you’ll find out when we meet. We wouldn’t waste your precious time!”

Pei Qian: “...”

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Why was it that the more he heard, the more terrified he felt?

At Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, Handong University branch...

A short while after Pei Qian arrived, Li Shi and Wang Peng walked into the restaurant. “Boss Pei!”