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“Yes! You’re right, Amano-kun!”

I can’t help but look at him with sparkling eyes. Then, both of us held each other’s hands tightly.

So, Mizumi-kun mumbled dumbfoundedly next to us.

“…Can I ask, if I remembered correctly, you two broke up, …right?”

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However, we already can’t hear what he said.

I explained the last club issue to Amano-kun just like what I did to Mizumi-kun. Of course, he seems to also feel the romanticism behind it. His eyes are sparkling even more brightly. …I’m relieved to know that.

Then, Amano-kun found out about the package of the game, and his voice got even higher.

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“Ah, this one!”

“Yes, Amano-kun! This is that hidden masterpiece, < Gods and Evil>!”

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“T-This is way too moving! That’s awesome! I can’t believe this is the only game left!”

“You get it!? Can you feel it, Amano-kun!? It’s this awesome! Ay, really!”

At this point, both of us looked at the game’s box intoxicatedly like it’s our child.

…During this time, Mizumi-kun put his hand on the forehead and mumbled something again.

“Right now, I feel like my definition of words like friends and couples are shaking violently…”