What are the occupations that make money on the Internet?

What are the occupations that make money on the Internet?

The official platform had already praised Tengda in the exclusive interview, thereby improving its public reception. With this internal letter, Tengda was going to permanently reside in the hearts of many netizens!

Until now, this was what most gamers thought about Tengda:

Its boss was like Bole, excellent at scouting talents.

Its employees were all outstanding. The atmosphere in the company was free and lively, and it was not as hierarchical as other large companies.

Finally, the benefits were good, and the company did not exploit its employees.

By now, Tengda had ventured into various industries and performed very well.

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There was another important point. Tengda was located in Jingzhou City, a second-tier city. Not only were there good facilities, but the pressure-cooker environment common in first-tier cities was also absent.

All of these factors made Tengda look perfect in the eyes of job-seekers!

As the saying went, the true value of something could only be determined through comparison.

Other companies’ bosses pushed for their employees to have a fighting spirit, develop a wolf culture, and work 996[1]. On the other hand, Tengda’s boss did the complete opposite by sending an internal letter asking employees to rest more and take care of their bodies.

This genuine care and concern for humanity moved many slaves of other companies to tears!

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Thus, many people started advertising for Tengda of their own accord by praising it. Some even went a step further and sent in their resumes!