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"Did you hear that? Which girl has her birthday on the 29th?".

"I-I don't is the 21st and it's a Sunday'll be the Monday of the week after the next. Do you know anything, Ayanokouji?".

"I wonder. I have entirely no idea" I replied.

If even those two, who have completely familiarized themselves with the girls don't know, there is no way I could possibly know of it too.

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"Hey...I've already given up since I've been saying this over and over but why is it my room?".

At night, for some reason, after eating dinner each individual member of the usual group gathered in my room. Ike and Yamauchi were naturally here as promised, but also Kushida and Sudou who had finished his club activities were also here.

It would be perfect if Horikita were also here.

"Kikyo-chan, do you know the birthdays of any other girl?".

"Yeah. I've pretty much memorized it from all the girls I've heard from so I know more or less. Whose birthday do you want to know?".

"The thing is, it might not be someone from Class D".

"Umm, if it's about senior students then I really don't know much but if it's only about the 1st years I might know" Kushida answered him.

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As expected of Kushida, who has mastered the art of worldly wisdom. She seems to have recorded the birthday dates as to not forget them.

"Then tell me one thing, which girls have their birthday on the 29th of this month?".

"A girl with a birthday on the 29th? Give me a moment".

Having brought out her phone, it seems Kushida is going through what is probably a birthday list. And after that, she scrolled across the screen for a while but after a while, she raised her head.

"Sorry. It doesn't seem to be anyone I know of" she said.

"I think it's probably a girl from Class A".