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I think I already entered the abyss of the digital game area when I’m lost in thought, < Challenger’s Arena >. When I snapped out of it, I can see a beautiful blonde high school girl surrounded by a lot of audiences as she’s playing- my cute ex-girlfriend.

“E-Excuse me, excuse me…”

I squeezed myself between the hardcore residents of < Challenger’s Arena > that are glaring at me. It took me a while to get behind Tendou-san.

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After that, I bent my waist down as much as possible to avoid obstructing other people. Tendou-san turned her head around and glanced at me before immediately paying her attention back to the screen. She said this with a bitter smile.

“Amano-kun, even though I feel really sorry when I’m the one calling you out, can you wait for me to finish this?”

“Ah, of course. Enjoy it to the fullest.”

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“Thank you very much.”

Tendou-san answered obediently before moving back to the game.

Then, she battled for around 5 minutes. Regrettably, Tendou-san was promptly defeated as she stood up. After that, she went around and greeted the person on the opposite seat before leaving. “Thank you very much.”

The surrounding players admired her smile and politeness. She grabbed her bag and walked next to me. Then, she casually held my hand and said, “Amano-kun, let’s go.”

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“Ah, s-sure.”

I followed her. …I can feel people staring daggers behind me. Although I got used to it whenever I’m with Tendou-san, they are professional fighting game experts this time. I can feel a menacing aura. …It’s terrifying. Don’t tell me you have an even more exalted position here than you’re in school, Tendou-san?

So, Tendou-san brought me to an area with few people and sighed. She leaned on the wall. I followed her and leaned next to her. The fighting game’s screen that Tendou-san just played is right in front of me. It looks like the audience and challengers are all looking for Tendou-san. Right now, all of them disbanded to play their own games.

Tendou-san looked at this slightly lonely scenery. Suddenly, -she said this with unexpected honesty.