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「Okay, Allen? Girls, including me, are creatures who want『assent』」

「Assent, you say…?」

「Aa, yes. In such cases, the girl herself already has the answer.」

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「In other words, what is required is assent, not your opinion.」

「…It’s a difficult thing, isn’t it? So how do I find the『answer』?」

「That is easy. If you look at the girl’s eyes, you can discern it right away!」

「Look in the eye…」

「Girls are pure and honest. Their gazes unintentionally follow the one they like.」

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「Oh, I see…」

「Well, a crude man is unable to understand a woman’s delicate heart… So, it’s important to meet halfway, okay!?」

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Paula-san said that, and with a huge butcher knife, she sent a pig’s head flying.

(…How nostalgic)

The pork simmered that day was really delicious…

(Oops, concentrate, concentrate… Now focus on the problem at hand …)

I returned to the problem at hand after a little derailment. I casually glanced at the president’s eyes while pretending to compare the two types of one-piece.

Then I realized that her gaze tends to shift to leaf pattern one-piece.