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Then, the abstract strategy games we played today are mostly related to territorial control. Some required us to put things into their assigned areas to expand the territory, while some needed us to utilize knights or castles to expand our realm. The winner is decided by the score.

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This genre is way too suitable for gamers, …especially the hardcore faction. Tendou-san and Uehara-kun scrambled their brains to fight each other, and they seem to be running out of breaths.

However, if we want a comparison, Konoha-san and Aguri-san are surprisingly better at this.

“I guess this is like deciding which coupon you want to spend on buying things.”

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This is what Aguri-san said. In reality, she doesn’t play games at all, yet her accurate instinct of when to retreat or attack is useful here.

Also, Konoha-san is even better than her.

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“I’m the best at hiding my thoughts and tricking others. I’m a student council president, after all.”

Her momentum is real when she’s holding the pieces and saying all that confidently.

So, the Christmas party was even warmer than expected. Then-


After my round is over, I returned to the dining table and took a sip of soda. In front of the TV, Uehara-kun, Chiaki, and Tendou-san, who are more experienced in gaming, are competing fiercely in a minigame match.

“Eh, Amanocchi, you’re not joining them?”

During this time, Aguri-san returned from the toilet and sat in front of me.

I smiled bitterly.

“…Tendou-san is all worked up. I don’t want to fight against her.”

“…I see.”