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“I agree with you, Horikita-san. However, Class A and Class B will definitely see this as well. If multiple classes decide that Class C is the easiest target, we might end up suffering in a bad situation. Something like this is one outcome that comes to mind---”

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Hirata wrote out the imaginary situation in his notebook.

Class A nominates Class D → No conflicts with other classes → Target is Class D.

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Class B nominates Class C → Wins lottery → Target is Class C.

Class C nominates Class B → No conflicts with other classes → Target is Class B

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Class D nominates Class C → Loses lottery → Target defaults to Class A.

“Although this is just the worst outcome, it an entirely feasible one.”

“Wow, an outcome like this would be awful. Being targeted by Class A and then losing the lottery for attacking Class C. I feel like there’s no way we can win.”

“Yeah, there’s no reason for any class to not target Class C. But we have no reason to be afraid of picking them. Shouldn’t we take every step possible to reduce the likelihood of losing?”

Horikita advocated to nominate Class C despite the risk of losing the lottery.

“Is there a noticeable gap in academic ability between Class A and Class B? I’m also curious about how different we are compared to Class C.”

I try to throw out very simple questions.

“There is no doubt that Class A is the best, but I don’t think that they are on a level of their own. There is a considerable gap between Class B and Class C… I’ll solidly investigate this.”

We understand the academic ability of Class D, but we don’t know the specifics about other classes.

In retrospect, the school has not informed us of this. The only thing we know at most is the increases in class points. But we can’t make clear decisions about their academic abilities with that alone. From that point of view, maybe it’s because the school planned on holding tests like this. The number of class points is not an entirely academic gap. If it turns out that Class B is better than Class A, we may end up seeing a painful result.

Having said that, I quietly looked to the man sitting next to Horikita.

Almost at the same time, Horikita began to speak to the man.

“You are very quiet, Sudō-kun. Normally you’d be complaining.”

“This topic is not at a level that I can understand. If I complained, wouldn’t I be disturbing you guys?”