How do you not invest online?

How do you not invest online?

“Boss Ma, don’t worry, we’ll definitely be able to get through it! “In short, I’ll share all I can and will! We’ll make progress together!”

Have goals, but no one cooperates?

You are so right! Pei Qian thought in silence. He and Qiu Hong might have different goals, but they were both working hard to break free from the quagmire of failure and move towards a better tomorrow!

It seemed as though they could really become good friends from this point, eh?

Pei Qian was moved as well and clasped Qiu Hong’s outstretched hand tightly. “Okay, let’s do our best together!”

May 3rd, Tuesday...

At Otto Technologies...

The holidays were just over, and it was the first day of work at Otto Technologies. They started working at full swing in no time.

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Chang You walked past the office area into his own office. His eyes swept over everyone, obtaining a panoramic view of the state of employees. “Could the influence of the Tengda spirit be so obvious?”

Chang You was slightly suspicious. He could feel the subtle change at Otto Technologies. Half a year had passed since Otto Technologies was established in November last year. The key employees, including Chang You, were all from Hongcheng Technologies. Boss Pei had never intervened in the daily affairs of the company. Director Lin, who was airdropped in, had never made any comments on the management of the company as well.

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Therefore, the working method of Otto Technologies was exactly the same as Hongcheng Technologies. However, while the people were the same, everyone’s working style seemed to be constantly evolving according to Tengda’s working style.

One of the most notable manifestations was that everyone’s working hours had shortened, but their workload had not changed.

That meant that their overall work efficiency improved!

Chang You still remembered his time at Hongcheng Technologies. He could always see someone lazing around as he walked through his staff area.

Of course, he also would not point it out since he felt that it was impossible for everyone to sustain an efficient work state. It was natural for people to laze around occasionally.

Now, however, everyone was working effectively with very minimal lazing around!

These two states could be distinguished at a glance.