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“Diverse choices, rich strategies...”

“Exquisite pictures with all movements made with real-life action...”

“Complicated and exciting plot...”

“Moreover, we innovatively used a dual protagonist model.”

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Hu Xianbin noted down in top speed as Pei Qian spoke. Hu Xianbin looked up at Boss Pei after recording it and looked down at the notebook in his hand, his face filled with confusion.

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Is this our game?

He read it again carefully. Every point seemed to be right. However, no one would be able to link Struggle with these contents when put together!

Hu Xianbin tried to fill in the gaps here. The first thing he would think of if he saw this slogan would be a large-scale action game with a moving plot.

Look at these unique points!

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All movements were made with real-life actions. That was mostly an action-based game...

Diversified choices and rich strategies seemed to indicate that the combat system was complex and highly playable...

Exciting plot obviously emphasized the action-packed plot...

Dual protagonist models would make people think of action game plots where two protagonists with different fighting styles switch between each other.

Hu Xianbin was a little hesitant. “Boss Pei, erm... isn’t this not very accurate? Shouldn’t we state that this isn’t an action-based game?”