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“Amano-kun!? Why do you believe in that non-sense as well!?”

“How about I ask you this, Mizumi-kun. …This time, who’s the first one that tried to help that lost girl -Mii?”

“Ugh, …it’s me…”

“See, here’s your protagonist.”

“Will someone complain like that!?”

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Mizumi nearly cried when Amano and Kase-senpai corrected him. Since Kousei and I aren’t familiar with them, we can only look at each other blankly. …Sigh, Mizumi does look like the guy that never messes around. Yet, I can always feel an overwhelmingly shocking aura from him. I should say he’s the same type of person as Tendou.

After Mii heard all that, she drank some more soda and mumbled.

“Eiichi-nii-chan at that time was literally like a prince to me.”


“Even though he’s an unexpectedly useless prince.”


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Mizumi let out a hum. …Indeed, this guy’s abilities are exceptional. Sadly, I guess he’s not equipped to deal with a lost child. Kase-senpai mumbled helplessly.

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“Things would be easier if the problem is on a ‘saving the world’ scale…”