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―― It’s… not low, but compared to Fu… meh.

Why? Why am I now… remembering the past that I haven’t thought of lately at all?

―― She scored perfect marks in all subjects on the final exam, and topped the overall grade! Princess Phianse is a child prodigy!

―― And what’s more, her spearmanship is also amazing, isn’t it?

―― Yes. I heard that Hiro’s son has never won a single mock battle with the princess, you know?

It doesn’t matter anymore, does it?

The past is already… unimportant… so why, of all things, do I have to remember this now?

―― Hey, did you hear? Rebal and Fu are going abroad on a special study program!

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―― Wow! Princess Phianse has been praised for giving a wonderful speech to other countries during this time!

―― Yes, the next generation of heroes who draw the blood of the Seven Heroes! …… him? Well~, that one…

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―― h, him, I suppose?

I’ve always heard what everyone thought of me and what they said about me.

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That’s why I cared about the evaluations of others and I was sensitive to the voices around me.

―― Oh, Earth’s grade on this comprehensive test has improved from the last time, right?

―― Ah. He can’t reach the princess’s perfect score, but as always…

―― Well, he’s the son of a hero.

No matter what I did, I never felt a sense of accomplishment.

But when I met “that guy,” I put in the most intense effort of my life to break free from the half-heartedness I had been experiencing, and what awaited me was…