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“Ai!” The employee felt motivated all of a sudden.

Pei Qian could not help but shake his head inwardly.

How could a crappy watermelon be that delicious?

Of course, the professional chefs in Ming Yun Private Kitchen could produce a Watermelon Rose. However, those were too cheap. Even if they were expensive, one would be paying for the chef’s skills in carving the rose.

Pei Qian did not even consider ordering dishes that used cheap ingredients. One had to consume expensive ingredients in order to waste money. Just like that, Ming Yun Private Kitchen was filled with happiness and celebration.

Lin Wan and Ye Zhizhou exchanged a knowing look. Each of them understood what the other was thinking. The atmosphere was just right. It was about time to share the good news with Boss Pei.

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They were thinking about how to deliver the news when Boss Pei turned around, holding his glass.


Pei Qian was growing fonder of these two trusted generals of his.

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This was especially true for Ye Zhizhou. Ever since Pei Qian promoted Ye Zhizhou to chief planner in order to fill in the gap left behind by Old Liu, Ye Zhizhou had not let Pei Qian down.

This young man had a bright future ahead of him!

However, both of them looked troubled.

That was expected. Pei Qian would have been worried if Lin Wan did not look troubled.

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Pei Qian knew full well that Lin Wan was ambitious. She wanted the game to become popular. She probably could not even think about eating or drinking now. He could not kick her while she was already down and employ reverse psychology.

“It’s not a big deal that Bloody Battle Song has failed. The key is to learn from your experience of failure. It doesn’t matter as long as you succeed the next time.