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Method for making money on the New Year

「L-Let’s do it… If we beat them, we’ll be… free…!」

「Sorry, but…. Please die here!」

There were seven swordsmen who glared at us with bloodshot eyes, almost giving the feeling of a revenant.

Their right hand gripped a strange, unstable soul dress, and they were severely short of breath even though we haven’t fought yet.

If I remember correctly… I fought against similar guys at the summer camp.

(This case seems to be deeply connected…)

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I immediately pulled out my sword and assumed Seigan no Kamae – and noticed a small change.

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(…Their soul dress is more stable than the ones from summer camp?)

The soul dress which was forcibly manifested by spirit pills should have been more unstable and distorted in shape.

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「So you guys are enhanced soldiers who are dosed with spirit pills, huh… However, to think that you can manifest such a『stable soul dress』… This did not come up in any of the reports…」

As Leia-sensei murmured annoyedly.


One swordsman roared and hit the wall.

At that moment, a huge hole was made in the laboratory.


The guys in the summer camp also boasted fearsome physical abilities, but… the enemy in front of us was far beyond that.

As we kept our guard up,

「Let’s go…! 」