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“It’s like we’re fighting on our own.”

Horikita’s quiet muttering didn’t go unheard by Chabashira.

To Horikita, it probably felt like the introduction of this app did away with the notion of class-focused competition she had come to expect during her first year here.

And she probably wasn’t the only person who felt this way either.

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“You’re both right and wrong, Horikita. The school approved and implemented a proposal by the current student council president, Nagumo Miyabi, and that is the very system we’re introducing this year.”

So Nagumo’s dream of creating a system where individuals are evaluated based on their own merits was finally being realized. The reason why he wasn’t very active last year must’ve been because he was busy pouring his time and resources into making this app.

“But, the fact that the school’s emphasis lies on working together as a class still hasn’t changed. Keep that in mind as you work hard to improve yourselves every day.”

With the apps installed and the following explanation finished, the first period came to an end. As soon as the break between periods started, everyone’s eyes were immediately glued to the screen of their cell phones. Not only did they want to see their own ratings, they also wanted to know how their classmates and the rest of the school were doing.

“I ain’t happy with how they’re treatin’ me like I’ve got less common sense than Kōenji!”

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Sudō complained loudly as he scowled at Kōenji, completely fixated on the ratings of the app.

I eavesdropped on his conversation (though, he was speaking so loudly it was hard not to hear him) while looking to confirm what he was saying on the app.

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Class 2-D - Kōenji Rokusuke

First-Year Evaluation