What is the most profitable on the Internet in the Internet?

What is the most profitable on the Internet in the Internet?

“First of all, Long Yu Corporation brought the other two clubs to Los Angeles and did not bring FV with them at all. It was a completely differential and unfair treatment! If Boss Pei had not been very generous and paid for it out of his own pocket, FV might not have been able to play mock competitions!”

“Secondly, Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation changed their versions randomly. Not only did they expose the failure of IOI’s original game design, but they also severely damaged the interests of all old gamers! However, they have been delaying the game, hoping to cover this topic through IOI’s global finals!”

“Lastly, and the most disgusting thing, Finger Games actually privately sent game Balancer to guide FRY Team! I want to ask, how can the competition be fair if the organizer personally went to guide the club in the game?”

“Obviously, Finger Games’ official platform did not want FV Team to win the championship. That’s why they thought of such a despicable method!”

“How can Zhao Xuming not know about this as a partner of Longyu Corporation? He definitely knew about it! Yet, he did not stop it. What does that mean? It means that he is guilty. He knows that he will be scolded to death for treating FV differently. That’s why he did not want FV to win the championship. The national and national honor of competitive competitions cannot be compared to his personal interests. In the past, we usually called such people ‘traitors’!”

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“If FV Team had not been so awesome and still won the championship under such circumstances, if someone had not exposed this matter, I’m afraid that the masses who did not know the truth would still be flaming FV Team, while the two main culprits, Long Yu Corporation and Finger Games, are hiding in the dark and laughing!”

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“We can see the essence of Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation from this point.”

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“Finger Games is not only full of discrimination and prejudice against domestic teams, but they are also a company that cannot afford to lose. If they can’t win fair and square, they would resort to such petty tricks;”

“On the other hand, as a large domestic company, it is extremely despicable for Longyu Corporation to act as an accomplice for their own interests!”

“For something like this to happen, other than being criticized online, the only other way for players is to boycott it!”

“Players who don’t play IOI have to boycott because Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation treat our champions differently. Players who play IOI have to boycott because Finger Games and Long Yu Corporation have never truly respected the rights of players!”

Zhao Xuming was stunned and his limbs turned cold.

What was going on!

How did the matter of Finger Games arranging a data balancer for FRY be exposed?!

He roughly read all the popular posts on the internet, and his hands could not help but tremble.

The public opinion was already one-sided and everyone was pointing fingers at him!