Make money on the Internet is harmful

Make money on the Internet is harmful

However, whether they refunded the parts and placed a new order or repaired the parts, they would require more time.

The journey to and fro would hold back their progress. After some consideration, Zhang Yuan said, “Order a new batch of low-quality hardware like batteries, motherboards, hard disks, RAM… oh yes, order more RAM.

It was unlikely for there to be problems with RAM, but ROF was in the business of selling high-end, custom-made system units. High-end units that cost over ten thousand yuan normally contained many RAM sticks.

One computer only required one CPU, one motherboard, and one monitor. However, it required four RAM sticks. There was a higher chance that problems would occur with those RAM sticks.

Thus, Zhang Yuan decided to be prepared. RAM sticks were not that expensive anyway. There would be no harm in purchasing more.

December 31st…

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Zhang Yuan arrived at Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s Handong University early in the morning. After ordering a cup of coffee, he sipped it nonchalantly and browsed Tieba, intending to see if any interesting posts had been made by the netizens.

He had arranged for his employees to either refund all the problematic parts or send them for repair yesterday. He had also spent the remaining funds in the account on computer parts that had higher chances of malfunctioning. In particular, he had placed more orders for RAM sticks.

Although there were significant costs involved in hoarding parts like that, Zhang Yuan was more concerned about ROF’s reputation.

When the business had just started out, Boss Pei had poured huge sums of money into running 1024 Digital Day to build a name for it.

If the reputation was ruined by quality problems, wouldn’t Boss Pei’s hard work all be wasted?

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Thus, Zhang Yuan had to guarantee good quality! He had to make sure that none of the computers malfunctioned. He also had to provide the best after-sales services to customers and ensure ROF had enough stock so that customers could receive their system units on the day that they placed their orders.

After working on all of those things, Zhang Yuan finally found time to relax.

Tomorrow was New Year’s Day of 2011, and the holiday would last for three days. That meant Zhang Yuan could take a good break.

Zhang Yuan sipped his coffee slowly as he browsed Tieba.

All of a sudden, a post on Tieba caught his attention.