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However, there's still a problem with this group I've ended up joining. That is the fact that we still have yet to choose our leader.

I don't think we have any leader type students to actively seek out the title of leader in our group.

Since there isn't anyone here to take the initiative and guide us to a consensus, our group was overcome by an atmosphere of being unable to say anything.

Either way, we first have to report to the school that we've formed our group. We can afford to appoint our leader afterward. As the sixth group, the 10 of us headed over to make our report.

"We managed to avoid Ryuuen but it's still doubtful whether or not we'll get a good average score with this group".

Anxious words from Keisei. To be honest, I can't tell how good the students from classes other than C are. Personally speaking, I'd have liked to avoid being in a group with Ishizaki and Albert but it can't be helped now.

Ishizaki blatantly averted his eyes to avoid having to look at me but the others probably won't be able to tell anything from just that.

They'd only get the impression that he thinks nothing of me.

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"Kouenji's also going to be a problem".

There's nothing to criticize about his academic and physical abilities as long as he does it seriously but that's only 'if he does it seriously'.

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"Even Kouenji won't do something that'd lead to a loss, would he? Because if we drag him down with us, it's over for him after all".

I do feel like he'd noncommittally score above the average though. The only thing certain about him is that he isn't the type to let us factor him into our calculations.

There's no predicting what'll happen if Kouenji doesn't show signs of being motivated. After giving our report, I realized that the group centered around Class A had stayed behind, despite the fact that they should've already gone outside.

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At first, I thought it was so that they could see the formation of the other five groups but apparently that doesn't seem to be the case. Because 2nd year and 3rd year students also appear to be present.

Most importantly, Nagumo Miyabi, the student council president who dominates the 2nd years, is also present.

He confirmed that the 1st years have all finished forming their groups quickly and then he addressed us.

"I thought you'd take a bit more time but this is surprisingly fast".