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Since the actual day of the event began, it became clear who would be running in which order from the other classes.

From each class, the selected two making up a total of eight people lined up as one. My turn, as I had told Horikita earlier, was seventh. In total, the 1st year boys formed up into 10 groups.

It was now Sudou's turn, as he would be running in the first group. All the students of Class D watched while holding our breath. The outcome of the sports festival will depend greatly on Sudou. First of all this first event, we'll use Sudou's debut in the race to crush the opponents. The plan is to get everyone pumped up with that same vigor. If Sudou finishes with disappointing results here, there is the possibility that it will have lasting effects.

"From what I can see it doesn't seem like there's anyone worth their salt here. There are many fatties and garish guys here. It's guaranteed Sudou'll place 1st".

I couldn't see any notable students in our school year from the other classes. Like Ike said, it's probably guaranteed already.

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"On the contrary, depending on how you look at it, it could also be seen as a loss".

Ideally speaking, for someone with physical abilities like Sudou's, it would have been better if someone fast had been competing.

"But this alone is something that can't be helped, it's up to luck after all".

There was something about the figure of Sudou, in a crouching stance at the starting line, that inspires absolute confidence. Even if he happened to tumble mid-race he could still turn it all around, he gave off the feeling of having such a composure to his surroundings.

Then, as the signal rang out, Sudou rose up perfectly simultaneously and shot forth. Sudou, who had passed a person from the very start, outraced all the other boys as though shaking them off and left them in the dust.

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He reached the goal with an overwhelming gap with no one being able to keep up with him. There's nothing more to say about that. As the entire student body watched, as the first runner in the first contest, Sudou seized 1st place as expected.

At the same time, the Professor who had been selected too, properly managed to secure last place as expected but......