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As Sudou-kun starts thinking back on it, I began speaking about my brother with Sudou-kun as though I were monologuing.

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"Our sibling relationship is far from being a pleasant one. The reason behind that is my lack of talent. My outstanding brother dislikes being associated with someone as incompetent as me. That's why I tried my best to become someone talented. In both studies and sports. Even now".

"W-Wait a minute. Aren't you smart and good at sports too?".

"From an average person's perspective maybe. But from my brother's perspective, all this is nothing special. Merely what is normally expected".

In all likelihood, Nii-san reached my current level when he was either in his 1st or 2nd year of middle school. Or it could have been even earlier than that.

"That's why I ran, in order to catch up to my brother, without facing anyone around me. As a result, I was always alone. Whenever I looked back, I always saw that nobody had followed me. I had thought that was just fine. Because I believed as long as I am talented, then eventually my brother would acknowledge me. Even during this sports festival, I've been thinking according to a very calculative mindset. That if I participate in a lot of contests and produce results, then even my brother would stop to look at me. That's also the sole reason why I said that I wanted to be the anchor during the relay. Because I had a fleeting hope that if I do so, he might call out to me or cheer for me. For the sake of the class, or for my own sake, deep down inside things like that were of secondary concern".

By confronting Sudou-kun's weakness, I also succeeded in confronting my own weakness.

"Does he really not acknowledge you? Even though you're trying this hard".

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"Yes. Not one bit. But I finally realize now. I'm not talented at all. During this sports festival, I was beaten here and there all just as Ryuuen-kun had intended and I wasn't able to leave behind a single satisfactory result. There's no way my brother would acknowledge someone like me. The reason I'm aiming for Class A is so that my brother would acknowledge me. That hasn't changed. But I have realized the methods I've been using to achieve that are wrong. I'm not alone. That for the first time, by having allies, I may be able to get closer to that peak".

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"Aren't you going to give up?".

"If there is a difference between us, that might be it. I will never give up. I'll work hard to be acknowledged by my brother, to become someone who isn't a disgrace".

"It'll be painful, for someone walking that path.....".