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——Ding dong

Our time alone for the two of us was ruthlessly broken by the door ringing.

Only a mere sliver of distance separated our untouched lips.

My consciousness which was drifting away and dissipating was suddenly brought back into reality.

“Ah, eh, the door…?”

Kei pulled away in a panic, her cheeks tinged with a blush, but I didn’t even have time to take a closer look. Indeed. The ringing wasn’t coming from the hall, it was coming from the entrance.

The internal phone clearly showed that this was a call notification coming from the entrance. Unlike the front hall, there are no cameras installed here, so it’s impossible to know for certain who it was. Although I could lie that I wasn’t home, if someone sees that Kei had come into my room, that would be bad.

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Better to know beforehand who is coming to me and for what purpose.

“Give me a minute.”

“Uh, mhm.”

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Kei nodded, slightly nervous. Because of the last conversation with Amasawa, Kei’s shoes were already placed in the cabinet, so at first glance, I seemed to be the only one inside.

Only that this method was not perfect.

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The optimal solution would be to stand and chat in the hallway.

But as soon as someone asks to come inside the room, it would head in a suspicious direction. Bringing a girl to your room and then even going as far as to hide her shoes. That kind of scene would be revealed.

Just in case, locking the U-lock on the door was the right thing to do.

This way, they won’t be able to see the shoes even if they look through the opening, and we won’t be exposed that easily.

I could prepare the reason for why I locked the door when talking to the other party.

On top of that, postponing it to later, or going to the other person’s room afterwards would be fine.

But who was the person coming directly to my room?