Jams Technology Online

Jams Technology Online

「By the way, last year Sie was the chief examiner, Lilim and Ferris served as her assistants. How about it, Allen? Wouldn’t you please accept it?」

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Sensei came up to me and seeked an answer right at this moment.

(She’s originally a pretty pushy person, but isn’t she a little more pushy than usual today?)

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When I sensed something was out of place,

「Nee, Leia… What is this?」

Ria said, pointing to a certain page of the application guidelines.


「T-This is…!?」

There was a photograph of me holding a sword clad in jet-black robe.

In addition, it was accompanied by the sentence,『The examinee who can land a hit on the Evil Swordsman Allen Rodore, will pass on the spot!』in bold letters.

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「Ha, hahaha… Y-You know, it’s just something to fire up the applicants! The expression may be a little too provocative, but… That’s what advertising is all about, isn’t it?」

Sensei said while scratching her head. Her eyes moved every which way.

「Hou, there is something else on this page, too.『Save Thousand Blade Academy From the Evil Clutches of Allen Rodore!』- I think it’s a little too much firing up, though.」Rose said.