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“A unique model was created for this old monk. Although he looks skinny and weak, he looks sturdier than ordinary little monsters. Even his movements were specially created and so detailed…

“It seems illogical that he ended up as a weak monster.”

Qiao Liang entered the game once again. He had created a new account after the game was published, and had reached the second round with it. Now, he was near the town.

He found the old monk, saved a new folder, and began to adjust his gameplay.

He used different techniques to kill the monk.

He tried luring the monk out of the temple.

However, no matter what he tried, he did not uncover any special plots.

“Am I not supposed to kill this old monk? Must I find a special prop somewhere to trigger the plot development?” Qiao Liang was deeply confused. After trying for a long time, he still did not make any headway. Qiao Liang decided to crowdsource once again and ask his fan group for some help. “Hey, everyone. Do you know if I can unlock a hidden plot development using the old monk in the temple? Try every method in the book. I feel like something is amiss.”

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Qiao Liang did not harbor high hopes. He had just casually asked the question.

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“The old monk? I killed him long ago.”

“I killed him, too. He’s so fragile. I just had to touch him to kill him.”

“I haven’t gotten there…”

“I can try, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it. I ran all the way here. I don’t have any props or weapons…” Qiao Liang had an impression of the friend who posted the last comment. He was the player who said he would not kill any monsters and would see how far he could go just by running.