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‘Someone who has managed to make two games a huge success!’

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‘Look at that casual attitude while drinking tea and handling the tea set! That’s not something that can be feigned!’

‘This is truly someone who does not care for money!’

Huang Sibo felt that in the eyes of Boss Pei, the silver teacup was no different from a paper cup.

That had Huang Sibo feeling an innate nervousness.

“Describe to me your working experience in simple terms,” Pei Qian said with a smile.

Huang Sibo felt his heart pounding furiously and his mouth going dry.

However, he tried his best to repress his anxiousness and related his work experience briefly.

While doing so, he stuttered and said a couple of things wrongly and that added on to his uneasiness.

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Pei Qian was sipping tea as he listened on, carrying a faint grin on his face such that one could not guess at his thoughts.

Huang Sibo felt his heart sink.

I’m doomed. He must definitely think that my experience is too negligible! Boss Pei must be mocking me internally!

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Is he mocking how I don’t know my place such that I would dare take on this interview given my capabilities?

With his face blushed faintly, Huang Sibo struggled to finish his self introduction, wanting nothing more than to bolt out the door.


After hearing Huang Sibo’s self introduction, Pei Qian nodded while smiling.