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“Hmm, …I-I’m sorry. Should we find another place to kill time?”

“No, no, no, there’s no need to at all! Instead, I really looked forward to it. It’s been a long time since I browsed games with you!”

“It’s been a long time? Ah, …somehow, there aren’t many chances for us to check out games together.”

“Yes, yes!”

I smiled as I nodded repeatedly. In reality, I do mean it when I said I’m looking forward to shopping with him. It’s just that..I’m already feeling so blessed at this time.

I cuddled with Keita as we walked from the shrine for around 5 minutes. Then, we arrived at the destination – the department store. We went to the escalator directly without even looking at the floor plan. …As gamers, it’s only logical for us to know every detail about the gaming markets near us. …Well, I do have to look at maps when you ask me where I can buy girl’s clothes!

After we took the escalator, we stepped towards the gaming store on the 5th floor. The escalator’s wide enough for two people to stand next to each other. However, I think I need to hold the handrail. So, I let go of Keita’s hand and stood behind him.

Keita looked at me worriedly from a step above me. After that, he looked behind me and tilted his head. “Eh?”

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“…For a moment, I thought I saw Kousei and Konoha-san together…”

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I turned my head around shockingly, but I can’t see them with my eyes. Since other people got on the escalator as well, I looked at Keita again.

“Are they really there?”

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“Hmm, …I’m not sure. They immediately disappeared after passing the corner of my eyes…”

“You’re saying that like they are cockroaches.”

“Uh, it’s real. I should say their skills are exceptional. I think that’s what a high base stats person does when he tries his best to hide.”

“What are you talking about? I think Konoha’s not bored enough to do that.”

“Hmm, …I guess you’re right. Stalking a lonely duo during the new year, no one in their sane mind would do such a pointless thing.”

“Yes, it’s impossible for someone to be this miserable in the world. Keita, sheesh…”

“Sorry, I think I got a bit too self-conscious recently. I’ll try to improve.”

Keita said that as he turned around again. Therefore, I concluded that the restless glares I felt behind me were just my imagination.