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Keisei didn't think of a leader's burden as being a negative point, but rather a positive one. Afterwards, Keisei's name is called out and he obediently headed into the dojo.

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Ultimately, from our group I was called before Albert as second from last. Many teachers stood around inside the dojo holding boards and pens. Furthermore, perhaps to make absolutely certain, there's almost a disproportionate amount of cameras set up inside the dojo.

I've already got the basics of Zazen down in my head so I won't slip up.

Since the scoring system is mostly based on giving out demerits, I'll first make sure to get a perfect score. I've already concluded that there's no reason to hold back in Zazen and so I decided that I'll definitely be getting a perfect score here.

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A slight distance away, Kouenji is also performing Zazen. There's not a single mistake to be found in his posture. A truly beautiful posture. He continued to display that perfect, faultless posture.

This man was never once serious during training but I suppose that's to be expected.

We keep our eyes closed during the actual assessment so I wasn't able to see the details but it appears he'll be able to pull it off without any problems.

After Zazen, everyone starts leaving the room without making any small talk. Of course, we're probably still being assessed until we're outside the dojo itself. While being watched by the teachers, students leave the room and head over to their assigned classrooms as instructed.

Once everyone in our group assembled in the classroom, Keisei sat down as though in relief.

"Leg felt numb through the whole thing......".

"Did you manage to endure it?".

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Maybe Ishizaki's the same too because while rubbing his leg, he asked Keisei.

"Somehow. But maybe I got a few demerits".