2018 How to make money online

2018 How to make money online

No one would buy it with this advertisement, right?

This advertisement first gave the audience a very bad psychological hint through Lin Jiaqiang’s image. Then, it exposed the fact that “even if you buy this home fitness equipment, you will only use it to hang clothes and you will definitely not use it”.

All in all, it was completely opposite to the purchasing desire of the target user!

Not only that, this advertisement did not show the game ‘Fitness Battle’ that was matched with the smart fitness drying rack. It also did not mention the smart system on it. It was even more vague about its fitness function.

The more Meng Chang thought about it, the more perfect he felt.

Customers would definitely laugh it off as long as this publicity video was released since this smart fitness drying rack was a lame product, right?

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Of course, there would definitely be people who would buy it out of curiosity. However, this thing was very expensive and it occupied a lot of space. There would definitely not be many people who would buy it.

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Wouldn’t his commission be stable as long as the publicity did not achieve the desired effect and the smart fitness drying rack did not sell much?

The more Meng Chang thought about it, the more optimistic he became. He suddenly burst out with the passion for work again!

May 9th, Wednesday...

Lin Jiaqiang was in a good mood as he stepped onto Jingzhou’s land once again.

Perhaps it was because he had a very good working relationship with Tengda previously.

The last time he came to Jingzhou was in September 2010. At that time, Lin Jiaqiang had come to Jingzhou with his three brothers to film the promotional video for Bloody Battle Song: The Powerful Version.

At that time, Tengda had given them a very generous price. Each person was paid 500,000 yuan. This was an opportunity that they could not ask for, especially for people like them who had long been outdated and had problems even to fill their stomachs.