Primary and secondary school online

Primary and secondary school online

“W-where is it!?”

He asked the clerk, almost falling over. She said “Give me a second”, but then…


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She looked at us with an awkward smile.

“The only copy of Crystal Cradle 3 was just bought.”


Both of us shouted in surprise. Well, I didn’t want it, but questions still arose. Thinking that it probably was Tendo-san that got it, I was feeling regretful.

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The clerk was looking around awkwardly. …? Exchanging glances with the man, we followed her gaze, and…


Over there, was another person.

At the counter on the other side of the store, someone was finishing up their purchase, and it was clear that the bag was just the right size for the game.

At our loud voices, the person who finished the purchase turned around. …Wait, I just realized, but that uniform… and that hairstyle…

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My enemy, Hoshinomori Chiaki, was looking at us with her head tilted in curiosity.