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Yesterday, He An of Mengguo Games had agreed to make a trip to Jingzhou. However, whether he would agree to teach Pei Qian or not depended on how the latter did on his test.

As for why Pei Qian had selected this cafe instead of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe... it was quite obvious.

Pei Qian had gone to Fish-Catching Internet Cafe too many times so all the employees recognized him.

If he did not instruct them in advance, the employees would surely expose his identity. However, if he instructed them to keep his identity under wraps, then too many people would find out about this matter. The chances of news leaking would be higher.

What’s more, the internet cafe was right across from Halo Workspace, and Ruan Guangjian went there to buy coffee daily. If they bumped into each other and Ruan Guangjian addressed him as ‘Boss Pei’, then things would spiral out of control.

Thus, after considering everything, Pei Qian decided to avoid his own businesses every time he met with He An. The fewer people who knew about him taking lessons from He An, the better.

In any case, he was only trying to spend money and acquire knowledge. There was no need to be too caught up in the details.

Until now, only Assistant Xin and the chauffeur, Little Sun, knew about this. They were trying their best to keep the secret under wraps for Boss Pei.

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It was only 2 PM. According to Little Sun’s report, Boss He had already gotten off the plane. That meant he should arrive in about forty minutes.

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As for Pei Qian, he had been reviewing as much as he could since yesterday. He had not rested except to sleep. What was he reviewing if he had no materials?

After pondering very hard, Pei Qian had decided that he had had no choice but to spot the questions.

He had spent a significant amount of time yesterday researching on all the games that He An had worked on. Of course, he could not play every single one of them. Thus, he briefly watched related videos and then read the games’ walkthroughs and reviews. He needed to acquire this basic knowledge. As long as he did not perform ridiculously and he expressed his sincerity by offering higher fees, he would probably be able to win Boss He over.