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The two of them were chatting when Liang Qingfan returned.

“Gentlemen, I have good news!”

“We have money now, we can buy shops!”

Bao Xu and Zhang Yahui were stunned and did not react immediately. “Shops? What shops?”

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Liang Qingfan said, “The shops along the street from here to Thriller Hostel!”

“Oh? That’s great!” The two of them said in realization.

That was because this matter was a little far away. Bao Xu and Zhang Yahui had been paying attention to the internal affairs of the snack market and had almost forgotten about it.

Liang Qingfan had previously proposed this idea when he was choosing a location for the snack bazaar and finalizing the details of the Cyberpunk style. The journey from the snack market to the Thriller Hostel was about a kilometer or two. If he could buy or rent all the shops along the street, after some modification, he could turn the Cyberpunk landscape into a Cyberpunk Food Street.

A whole street could be built in a similar style.

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Of course, this project was rather huge. It could not be completed overnight.

At the moment, the main part of the snack market was about to be renovated. However, the shops on this street were still in the negotiation phase. They were originally discussing a ten-year lease contract, but only a small portion of the shops had signed the contract.

On the one hand, work had to distinguish the main and secondary aspects. The matters at the snack market were obviously more important. As for the shops along the street, it was actually more or less the same. They definitely had to wait until the food market was on the right track before slowly renovating this street.

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On the other hand, it was because the bosses of each shop had different attitudes towards the specific rental fees. A lot of energy was involved in the negotiation process, and it caused a little unhappiness.

This area was originally near the old industrial zone. In fact, there were not many young people left. Residences and shops were basically old houses. Therefore, it was not very expensive according to the surrounding market price no matter whether it was buying or renting.

Zhang Yahui and the others’ conditions were to sign a ten-year long rental contract with these shops based on the current rental fee of 50%! (MISSING)If they breached the contract midway, they would have to pay a penalty.

Logically speaking, this condition was already very generous.

These shops were very remote to begin with. Previously, they were only doing small businesses and the profits were very low. The rent of 50 to 60 square meters shops was less than 2,000 yuan a month. Zhang Yahui also understood that it was not easy for these shops. He took the initiative to raise the price to about 3,000 yuan. That was already quite sincere.

Some of the shop owners were very satisfied, so they immediately signed the contract and allowed Zhang Yahui and the others to renovate the shop as they pleased.