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They entered the guest room and sat down.

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Wu Bin poured some tea elegantly. Boss Pei had told him that he should give Cui Geng some hints if Cui Geng did not understand.

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Therefore, Wu Bin was prepared and knew that it was time to give the hints.

“Fire your questions away.” Wu Bin smiled.

Cui Geng hesitated for a moment before asking. “I want to know when the Tengda spirit training will commence. It won’t be dragged to tomorrow, would it?”.

Wu Bin’s smile became even wider. “Tengda spirit training? It has already begun.

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“From the time you arrived in the morning until now, all of which were part of the process of Tengda spirit training.” Wu Bin added upon seeing Cui Geng’s dumbfounded face.

“As to what Tengda spirit is…”

“Boss Pei said that he believes you will reach an answer yourself.”

Cui Geng was even more confused now.

The training had started? Didn’t I just idle the day away playing games? Cui Geng scratched his head and asked. “Is every Tengda spirit training the same process? Play games in the game room for an entire day?”

Wu Bin looked thoughtful before he replied, “The process is all the same. They were all brought to the company, but they might not necessarily go to the game room to play the entire day. In fact, you don’t need to play games. You can go wherever you want. No one is restricting your freedom.”

Cui Geng, “Huh?”

I could go anywhere I wanted? Why did I stay in the games room for an entire day then?

However, he immediately remembered that Wu Bin did not say he could not leave when they entered the games room. “That means that this so-called training is a free ticket to moving around Tengda? It is to show the Tengda spirit indirectly?” Cui Geng was confused. “But I don’t feel like I felt anything remotely similar to the Tengda spirit…”