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Shanghai fast 3 online make money true and false

Other companies often put this category as the first, but Tengda was the exact opposite. They put it as the last, occupying only the last few pages of the employee handbook. The description was quite brief.

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The life category provided not only beautiful color photos of various work meals but also introduced the taste of each dish in detail. It could not be any more detailed.

The same went for the entertainment category. They had even introduced the various games in the games room with some simple reviews.

However, the style changed completely when it came to the work category.

There were only a few simple notes.

‘Overtime is prohibited in principle.’

‘If there is a need to work overtime due to work, you’ll have to report to the person-in-charge of the department. The in-charge will apply for an overtime quota and can only work overtime when this application is approved.’

“Report to the person-in-charge of the department immediately if you feel work pressure. They will recruit new employees as soon as possible.’

‘It’s strictly forbidden to contact colleagues for work reasons during non-working hours as it will cause trouble to your colleagues.’

The other comments were similar to the above.

Wu Bin’s head was spinning.

The contents were basically pointing to the same point: no overtime! The content that Wu Bin was expecting did not appear at all!

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For example, work arranged by the in-charge had to be completed on schedule or colleagues cannot shrink on their responsibilities…