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Danchok said “Good grief” and declared his surrender.

“I’m not interested in your ass anymore. A soft life surrounded by girls and children would suit you better... don’t be so hard on yourself... make your own wishes come true, and I’m sure you’ll be happy.”

“Da, Danchok!”


After making it to the semifinals, Danchok declared that he had no intention of fighting anymore, said what he wanted to say, and then turned his back and walked away.

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He raised his hand for the last time, and said goodbye without looking back.

Then, after a while of silence, that even the host was speechless, Elder Sis Tsukshi finally jumped out of the audience because she couldn’t contain herself.

“Mr. Machio!”

She jumped down, and Elder Sis Tsukshi ran out to Mr. Machio as soon as she landed.

Then, without hesitation, she dove into Mr. Machio’s massive chest.

“tsu, Tsukshi... w, wait, I’m...”

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“Nuh-uh. I don’t think I can do that anymore~.”