Do you break the law on the Internet?

Do you break the law on the Internet?

(If this monstrous power is due to the『spirit core』, then there is absolutely a 『duration』… If that monster sinks back… I will have a chance to win…! )

He single-mindedly wished for an endurance battle.

Sid waited for the exhaustion of that『something』which controlled Allen’s body.

「Aa-… I’ve had enough.」

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That strategy never came to fruition.

Suddenly, a black sword appeared in Allen’s right hand.

The blade and hilt – everything was black; it was the black of the abyss that makes you feel uneasy just by looking at it.

(What… the hell is that… Doesn’t that look way too dangerous…!?)

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Sid’s instinct warned him to「get out of here right now」.

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That black sword was so anomalous in nature, that it was hiding otherworldly powers.

(I? Running away …? Against that trash? No way…?!)

His pride did not allow him to escape. It was a heavier choice than death for him, who possessed innate natural talent, to run with his tail tucked between his legs against a swordsman he once looked down upon.

「Well then, goodbye.」

Allen said that carefreely as though parting with his friend – he projected the black sword forward and launched a『thrust』of explosive speed.

In front of a thrust that could possibly blast the human body into atoms, Sid pushed out〈Vanargand〉to the front and countered it with his ultimate defense technique.

「-Close the time of eternity〈Ice Wall〉!」

At that moment, a huge wall with 100 million layers of thin ice appeared between the two. Each layer was harder than iron, and there wasn’t a single swordsman who was able to break through this wall of absolute defense. However, Allen’s thrust does not stop. The black sword broke through the ice wall as if it were cutting through a piece of paper.