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What’s more, Boss He did not seem to be picking or bargaining.

Ordinary people would definitely be satisfied with this model since they were willing to pay two million yuan. However, they would also be dissatisfied with something.

If that was the situation, they could negotiate again. If they were dissatisfied with the business model, they could change it until they were satisfied to make it up to five million yuan in total.

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However, that was not the case for Boss He. He did not intend to go deeper into the conversation nor did he intend to add more money. His attitude seemed to be saying, “Just this two million yuan. Take it and scram.”

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This made Meng Chang very uncomfortable.

However, he could not say much. It would be easy to give himself away if he acted too eager.

Two million yuan might be a little tight, but at the very least, he would be able to obtain the halo of ‘Boss Pei’s Investment’. At the very least, he would be able to think of other ways to bluff others.

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After some consideration, Meng Chang nodded. “Alright, thank you, Boss He! However, Boss He, I want to ask if you’re still willing to continue investing in the company if all the money were spent?”

The first investment would only be two million yuan, while it was a little tight, it was still acceptable.

The key was whether he would be willing to continue investing.

He Desheng pondered for a moment and answered truthfully, “Whether or not we want to continue our investment depends on the actual operation. As for the amount of investments for a second wave of invest, I need to report it to Boss Pei. Theoretically, there should be no limit.”

The so-called ‘actual operations’ depended on whether it was making profits or losses. That was the only measure.

According to Boss Pei’s requirements, he would sell his shares and leave immediately if it earned money. If it lost money, he would continue to invest. How much he would invest would be up to Boss Pei.