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It seems that I was being made fun of in some way. Even if it was something that would normally make people angry, Kushida would be able to get away with it with a single playful remark. How cunning.

“So, what about Sakura-san?”

“It doesn’t look like she’s here yet.”

It was just about the appointed time, but there was no trace of Sakura.

“Was inviting me alright with her?”

“She asked me to invite you, Ayanokouji-kun. Aren’t you in contact with Sakura-san?”

“Sakura said that? No… We’ve hardly ever spoken to each other.”

I thought back to the time when I ran into Sakura in the special building. That was the level of contact that the two of us have had.

“Could it be that she fell in love with you at first sight or something?”

Kushida had a smirk-like smile. Such a dramatic development could hardly be expected.

“Do you want to just sit and wait for now?”

“Yeah. Say… Isn’t that Sakura-san sitting on the bench next to us?”

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When I quickly looked over, the person seated on the other bench apologetically greeted me with a small nod.

I had no idea that the person seated on the next bench had been Sakura all along.

The presence she carried was so insignificant that I almost didn’t notice her. She blended into the background in much the same manner as the average nameless extra.