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Butcher how to make money online

Pei Qian motioned to Yu Pingan to sit down and asked, “How’s your work recently?”

Yu Pingan hurriedly replied: “Boss Pei, everything is going well! The number of active users of Tengda Life App is steadily increasing, especially in Jingzhou, where the influence of our app is getting greater!

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“Of course, our team will not take it lightly, let alone become arrogant and complacent.

“I have developed a very complete update plan!

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“At present, there are still many problems with the Tengda Life App. We have two main goals next. The first is to simplify the complexity and optimize the interface layout so that our users can use it more conveniently; the second is to further improve and have the in-depth cooperation of various industries introduce more practical functions...”

The more Pei Qian listened, the more endangered he felt.

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The software of Tengda Life App did not make a lot of money at present, but its problem was that it would make the physical industry make a lot of money!

Therefore, he had to give this team something else to do.

Pei Qian coughed slightly: “Well, your plan is pretty good, but I have a new project to hand over to you.”

Yu Pingan was stunned for a moment: “Boss Pei, please let me know.”

He was a little confused.

It stood to reason that it was the time to increase manpower and capital investment for Tengda Life App being so successful, wouldn’t it?

Why do you want a new project again?