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While thinking about how they would fight against Kaneda, Ryuuen suddenly appeared.

Although it wasn’t my problem, I still felt sympathy towards Ichinose.

The things that the commanding tower could do were extremely limited.

But during that free speech event, Ryuuen would have completely backed Ichinose into a corner with his abilities with words.

“I heard that your class achieved excellent results in your battle against class A.”

Ichinose praised us in response.

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Now, a problem had arisen. Back then, I asked Ichinose to let us fight Class A.

Horikita didn’t know this, as she had instructed me to target Class D. It didn’t go as planned during the lottery, so we drew against Class A.

Depending on the direction of the conversation, things can get a bit tricky if something contradicted what Horikita thought was true.

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It might be better to discuss this with Ichinose first, but the problem was that I told Ichinose it was Horikita who wanted to target Class A.

Ichinose thought that Horikita was the one who requested to fight Class A.

And Horikita thought I lost the draw, which resulted in us having to fight Class A.

Both sides were at a position where they didn’t know the real truth.

It wasn’t impossible to avoid the topic if the conversation continued.

If I were the usual me, I would have made preparations beforehand.

Or enact temporary measures to deal with these emergencies without anyone noticing.

After I thought for a while, I decided to expose myself.