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"Don't you know that know-it-all tone of yours pisses me off more than anything else? This proposal of yours stems from you knowing about my true personality. I can't stand that. If you were a person who didn't know anything, you wouldn't even be taking that tone with me".


I will never accept someone who knows about my past. That resolve of hers has been intensely conveyed to me.

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"You're smarter than me, wouldn't you do just fine at any other school? Besides, as far as I can tell, Horikita-san came here because you wanted to attend the same school as your brother right? But your brother will be graduating soon, so wouldn't you no longer need to force yourself to stay here? Go study at a different school and either go onto college or find yourself a job. Isn't that fine?".

As though saying any further conversation would be a waste of time, Kushida-san showed signs of cutting our conversation short. I was unable to keep her in check and so I quietly sighed.

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"I'll lie low for now. But I will never trust you nor will I cooperate with you, Horikita-san. Until either one of us disappears from this school, this conversation will run forever in parallel. It'll do you good to remember that".

"...I understand. I'll leave it at this for today then".

"Not just today, make this the last time".

Leaving behind those words, Kushida-san walked off through the corridor.

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"I'm powerless".

I don't have that many comrades I can rely on.

Ayanokouji-kun seems like the person I can rely on the most at a time like this but we've grown distant.

It may have been because I forced him to say his piece about the student council in front of Kushida-san.

But there are things I can't back down from either.

My conflict with her is something that can only be resolved through repeatedly making contact with her.

Even if I am to lose his cooperation, I will still choose Kushida-san.