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I often say that WeChat make money is true.

Finally, Chang You introduced the game. “Apart from that, Shang Yang Games has also customized a mobile game for the smart fitness drying rack. This game is still in the final stages of research and development. I will meet everyone next week as soon as possible!”

He flipped to the last page.

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“Next Tuesday, which is May 15th, we will be welcoming Tengda’s’ 515 Games Festival ‘. You will be receiving a huge amount of benefits! Please wait for the announcement of the detailed rules at midnight on May 15th!”

“Alright, this is the entire contents of this news conference. Once again, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone!”

“Please leave the venue in an orderly manner. You can collect free gifts at the entrance.”

“If everyone is interested in the smart fitness drying rack, you can log onto the official website of Otto Technologies or Tengda’s official shopping center. The staff of Upwind Logistics will deliver it to you immediately!”

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Chang You looked at his watch. His time control was just right, one hour. It was perfect.

The news conference might have ended but not the discussion.

Most people’s discussions were focused on the strange product that was the “smart fitness drying rack”. Some people’s discussions were focused on the last two points that Chang You mentioned at the news conference.

“Boss Chang said that Shang Yang Games specially developed a game for this equipment? Is that true? Is this a prank or is it true?”

“I think it’s most likely a joke. They’ve already incurred losses by designing this machine. They’ll incur losses no matter how much they produce. Wouldn’t they incur losses if they were to develop another game for it? Who would do such a foolish thing?”

“But today is not April Fool’s Day. What’s more, I don’t think Boss Chang is someone who would lie to the audience.”