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He could not go to the fan group anymore. Out of habit, Qiao Liang scrolled through his WeChat Moments. He did not expect to find information about Mission and Choice again!

“Check in! This movie is amazing. I didn’t expect domestically-produced sci-fi to be this good!”

“Lu Zhiyao’s acting is amazing!”

“Highly recommended. You will not regret watching this movie!”

“I didn’t expect this movie to be so outstanding even with the plot of a rubbish game like Mission and Choice, especially the final battle...”

Qiao Liang was almost exposed. At the last second, he stopped looking down and quickly left.

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“There must be something wrong with these people spoiling others on WeChat moments!”

“I’m so angry. Why does it seem like everyone has gotten tickets to the midnight show but I didn’t!”

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Qiao Liang was speechless.

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He had actually wanted to buy tickets for the midnight show but he had not expected them to be sold out so quickly.

Jingzhou might only be a second-tier city, and it would not be difficult to get a ticket. However, there were many Tengda fans in Jingzhou!

There were too many people fighting for the midnight show. That was why the tickets for the nearby cinemas were sold out at the speed of light. In the end, Qiao Liang only managed to get tickets for the afternoon show.